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Anrad. sk is the e-shop custom-made for client. The client had an existing e-shop that he wanted to redesign. The purpose of the e-shop is to sell and share various videos, meetings and books of the client. The client was satisfied with the result, as evidenced by the increased number of orders after the deployment of the new version. The e-shop contains a user section whose purpose is to display purchased products, possibly direct viewing of purchased videos and courses.

E- shop is built on the Woocommerce platform, with an emphasis on SEO optimization. It contains several hidden functionalities that provide the user with additional options and motivate him to make another purchase. It includes an extensive user section that allows the user to view their orders and purchased videos in one place.

Reference detail

  • Client: Anrad.sk
  • Year of development: 2022
  • Technologies: Wordpress Woocommerce PHP
  • URL: anrad.sk
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