Customized e-shop

We can help you to get your company to online space and provide portfolio of own products for the general public. Webology provides quality and fast solution ready to measure.

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Website programming

High-quality websites prepared to measure exactly according to your requirements. In today's world, it is necessary to make yourself known online. Webology will help you with that.

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Web application

Tailor-made application exactly according to your requirements. Tell us your idea and Webology will help you to create innovative web applications which will be custom-made created for you.

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Management of IT services

Our management of IT services ensures that your IT infrastructure is reliable and problem free. We provide monitoring, maintenance, updates and technical support at the highest level. With our services you can concentrate on your business, while we care about your IT needs, we ensure security and minimalize the risks associated with operation of IT infrastructure.

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About us

Why Webology?

Webology is a software company that develops websites, mobile and web applications. We prepare tailor-made solutions for each client in order to meet all your needs. We offer you comprehensive services, from consultation, analysis, graphic design to the final delivery of the entire assignment. Our approach, innovative technologies and experienced team we try to be reliable and responsible partner.

Our benefits

Benefits for you


SEO optimalization

Within our services we provide optimalization of your projects for search engines (Google, Bing). If you want to get your websites to leading bars in results of those engines, Webology is right choice.



We know that speed is in today´s IT world important. Our projects use the most modern technologies through which we can supply you with quick and high-quality tailor-made solutions. Do you have a slow website? Webology will take care of you.


Quality code

We care about every line of code. Several years of experience have taught us that it is the alpha and omega of a successful and sustainable project. Your projects will not be a problem to maintain and develop in the long term.



We provide you the solution which takes care of safety of your data and projects. You do not have to worry about losing any data.


Our portfolio

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