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E-shop Tafy.sk was unique. The main aim was to bring new creative brand to the industry, in which there is a big amount of competition. That was the reason why we set the task to of distinguishing ourselves from the competition and creating something unique.An e-shop was created, which has no competition for its visual and graphic sophistication. During development, we focused on high-quality code, optimization and UX. The client is satisfied with the result and the users praise the website itself, which can be seen in the growing volume of orders since the beginning.

Web was develped as combination of Woocommerce and NextJS. The optimization took place completely at the NextJS level, where the emphasis was on high-quality SEO results and the loading speed of the website itself. The e-shop and the entire navigation is done in NextJS, where the user navigates in the SPA. For that, the e-shop is very fast from the user’s point of view, there is no loading and everything is displayed immediately after the click. The purchase process itself /order and order processing/ is in the Woocommerce environment. The administration itself is editable and manageable in one place, in an environment that the client can easily control.

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  • Client: Tafy.sk
  • Year of development: 2022
  • Technologies: NextJS React Wordpress/Woocommerce PHP
  • URL: Tafy.sk
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Our portfolio